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Mission Statement

A statement of belief and values which guide how we achieve our vision.“Steadfast in faith” we aim to rise above the ordinary by developing education which can transform lives and communities. 

Inspired by our faith in Christ and together with our parents, churches and communities, we aim for each person to reach their full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit.

Everyone in our school community deserves to be cared for unconditionally and valued equally as a unique creation, made in the image of God.

In today’s world of numerous education centres, My Redeemer School will give you not only quality education but has its foundation on God and makes the school a second home for every child that goes through it.


Our students are trained to report to school on time

Do home assigned exercises, supervised and signed by a parent, and duly submit same the next day.

Must be neatly dressed to school; wearing the prescribed uniform.

Trained to be responsible, humble and respecful.

Trained to be courageous, develop self-belief and disciplined.

Trained to develop values of honesty, perseverance and tolerance for opposing views.

Trained to develop the "can do" spirit.

Aims and Objectives: 

  • To provide a high standard of education and excellent learning facilities.
  • To pass out intellectually high quality students who are emotionally balanced and imbued with high moral and spiritual values. 
  • To have a high quality professional staff, dedicated and committed to the job, with an innovative mind-set, and an attitude of breaking new grounds. 
  • To continuously train, and get the staff informed on new trends of managing and instructing pupils/students; and to fulfil the welfare aspirations on the staff.
  • To contribute to the growth and development of the community the school is located. 
  • To increase and enhance shareholders equity.
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